Yordan Alvarez Attends Playoff Games Despite Astros’ Exit


Less than a week after the Houston Astros were knocked out of the ALCS by the Texas Rangers, star hitter Yordan Alvarez was back in Houston, not too far from his regular stomping grounds at Minute Maid Park. However, this time, he wasn’t swinging his bat but enjoying front-row seats at the Houston Dynamo’s playoff opener against Real Salt Lake. The evening, he concluded in favour of Houston with a 2-1 win. Post-match, Alvarez was seen on the pitch, sharing a moment with the Dynamo midfielder, H├ęctor Herrera.

This Dynamo victory wasn’t surprising, especially with the 26-year-old Alvarez in the stadium. Over the years, Alvarez has built a reputation as one of baseball’s top clutch hitters. He’s showcased his skills at Minute Maid Park with several game-winning home runs. His recent performance in October was spectacular, boasting six homers and 15 RBI in just 11 games. With an astounding 1.487 OPS, he’s etched his name as the fifth-best performer in a single postseason with a minimum of 20 at-bats.

As we approach 2024, Alvarez solidifies his reputation, potentially paving his way to the Hall of Fame. But what’s intriguing is how he shines even more under the spotlight. With Alvarez’s support, the Dynamo clinched their first playoff win since 2017, putting them just a victory away from advancing in the series. Still, they have a long journey ahead to match the accomplishments of their baseball counterparts.

The Astros, even without a World Series berth this year, have crafted an impressive legacy. Hosting an ALCS game for seven consecutive seasons is no small feat. With two championships under their belt since 2017 out of their four appearances in the Fall Classic, they’ve set a high benchmark. In the annals of Houston’s sports lore, only the 1990s Rockets have had a similarly dominant run.

However, comparing Alvarez’s Astros and the Dynamo may be premature and unnecessary. The Dynamo, with the playoffs underway, are primarily fixed on the championship that lies ahead. With Alvarez cheering from the stands, they might have the boost they need. Could he be their new good-luck charm? Only time will tell.

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