Upcoming November Election: Potential Upgrades for Corpus Christi


While the primary focus of Tuesday’s Corpus Christi City Council vote for the special election on November 7th was the expansion of the American Bank Center, council members have additional items in mind for the ballot. Among these are plans for regional city parks, diverse street improvements, and the addition of new routes to the Corpus Christi International Airport. Officials aim to redirect Type A sales taxes from the City’s multipurpose arena and the Seawall to fund these initiatives.

“The expansion of our current tax usage can be likened to our approach,” stated Heather Hurlbert, Assistant City Manager of Corpus Christi.
If sales taxes are redirected towards projects like the airport, Dan Suckley, City Council member for Corpus Christi District 4, believes it could enable the City to tap into a broader market and entice it to choose Corpus Christi for conventions.

“When departing from Corpus Christi, travelers often need connecting flights,” explained Suckley. “We aim to explore additional options enabling passengers to fly directly to other destinations.”

Enhancing the options at CCIA also encompasses enticements for attracting new regional airlines and essential enhancements to accommodate new flight routes. Hurlbert highlighted that expanding the ways could reduce flight costs for all passengers.

“We’re actively seeking to establish services to cities such as Orlando and New Orleans, which have demonstrated high demand. Similarly, there’s significant interest in Las Vegas and Denver,” Hurlbert outlined.

According to Hurlbert, parks throughout the City could also be in line to receive funding through reallocating sales taxes. This funding could cover expenses for park construction and adding new features and enhancements.

“When we invest in our parks, it benefits not only our residents but also visitors who come to our city,” she explained. “This is vital not just for providing well-maintained roads for transportation but also enhancing our city’s appeal.”

Furthermore, commercial and industrial streets, including arterial and collector streets, could benefit from this reallocation, though not residential ones. She emphasized that enhancing these streets could facilitate transportation to and from the airport and around the City. Suckley pointed out that the improvements stemming from reallocating sales taxes could significantly stimulate the local economy.

“For those attending conventions, Downtown will offer more attractions,” he remarked. “Moreover, with the added amenities in our community, we hope it will prolong their stay in town, thereby boosting the local economy.”

Even though the Seawall tax will be repurposed, city officials have assured that funds will continue to be allocated to uphold the Seawall.
In the event of a successful November election, the City’s projection indicates that the completion of the convention center complex, hotel, and entertainment district project would likely span 3-5 years.

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