The 2023 ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Will Pass Directly Over Corpus Christi

In 2024, parts of Texas will witness a total solar eclipse. However, in 2023, the annular solar eclipse will move directly over the Coastal Bend, providing an optimal viewing experience for those in Corpus Christi. On October 14, the eclipse will traverse North, Central, and South America. Its path of annularity will cover West Texas, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. NASA suggests that the prime time to observe the eclipse in Corpus Christi will be approximately midday.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon, at its most distant position from Earth, moves between the Earth and the Sun, as described by NASA. “Since the Moon is at a greater distance from Earth, it seems smaller than the Sun and doesn’t fully obscure it, resulting in a ‘ring of fire’ appearance in the sky,” clarified NASA. Viewers need to wear protective eyewear when observing the eclipse.

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