Simplifying Daylight Savings Time

As daylight saving time draws close, the sun sets earlier, drastically changing our daily routines. This significant shift affects various aspects of life, from the evening commute to leisure activities with family. With 16 years of experience, Licensed counselor Gena Selby emphasizes the importance of staying active during this period for both mental and physical health.

The earlier nightfall can lead to feelings of unproductivity and mood changes. Selby explains, “It’s the simple lack of sunshine. Many of us work indoors, missing daylight, leading to a kind of seasonal depression.” This phenomenon is not rare, and Selby reassures that feeling less productive or sadder during this transition is expected.

For those experiencing these seasonal changes, Selby advises, “Get outside. Take breaks during the day to soak up the sun. Engage in activities that make you happy, and reconnect with hobbies you enjoy.” This proactive approach can mitigate the negative impact of reduced daylight hours.

Sandy Galvan, like many, struggles with the time change. Her cherished evening walks with her family are now limited. “The darkness sets in quickly. By the time my husband returns from work, it’s already dark, restricting our activities,” she shares. Galvan also notes a decline in her energy levels, feeling tired earlier due to the darkness.

For individuals who enjoy evening outdoor activities, Selby suggests utilizing the early mornings and weekends to compensate for the lost sunlight and maintain Vitamin D levels. She reassures that while these feelings are not uncommon, a significant loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities warrants reaching out for professional support.

This adjustment period requires adapting our routines to the new time frame. Embracing morning sunlight, rekindling interests in hobbies, and seeking support when needed are key strategies to cope with the end of daylight saving time. Remember, it’s not just about losing an hour; it’s about adjusting our lifestyle to maintain our well-being during this seasonal transition.

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