Post-Halloween Dental Dilemmas: What Corpus Christi Dentists Frequently Encounter


“As Halloween nears, the buzz among children is undeniably about the sweet loot they’ll collect.

You might assume a candy surge leads to immediate dental issues, but Dr. Haysam Dawod of Dawod Dental suggests otherwise. He clarifies that cavities aren’t instantaneous; they don’t magically appear after a candy spree. Still, he does warn about other imminent dental hazards post-Halloween, affecting everyone from little trick-or-treaters to adults. “We frequently encounter broken or dislodged fillings, and even crowns coming off,” he shared.

It’s no surprise that avoiding those tempting Halloween sweets is a tall order.

“Often, it’s biting into a hard candy or pulling at a sticky treat that causes the damage,” Dr. Dawod explained. “Unless there’s an underlying dental issue, like an existing cavity, sweets just amplify any problem.” Yet, he isn’t advocating for a candy-free Halloween. His advice is more measured:

“Let the kids enjoy trick-or-treating. Just moderate the candy intake, perhaps spreading it out over several days.”

Considering alternatives? Dr. Dawod recommends salty treats like pretzels for those Halloween cravings. Enjoy the festivities, he says, but be wary of over-satisfying that “sweet tooth.”

“Like with most things in life, moderation is key. Enjoy responsibly.”

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