North Beach Canal Design: Update Given to Residents and City Leaders


The city-appointed contractor is presenting a plan to address the drainage problem on North Beach. This plan involves designing a canal to span from one end of North Beach to the other, allowing for efficient water drainage during heavy rainfall. The city has allocated just over $14 million for this project.

Lynn Frazier, a North Beach Community Association board member and a developer who initially proposed the canal system idea to the city, attended a Thursday evening meeting to review the city’s chosen plan. He emphasized the project’s urgency, noting past drainage patterns have changed due to the beach’s elevation surpassing the streets.

Consultant Scott Harris from Lockwood, Andrews & Newman showcased the canal and ditch system, which acts like a detention pond to prevent waterlogging on streets and properties. The first phase will extend from Timon Marsh to Surfside Park. Contrary to a direct path, the canal will have a scenic, winding design, enhancing the environment for residents and visitors. This design concept was supported by District 1 Councilmember Everett Roy, who believes it will uplift the North Beach area.

Roy commented on the patience of North Beach residents, stating they deserve flood-free streets.

A primary concern raised during the discussion was the potential increase in mosquitoes due to stagnant water. A suggestion was made to integrate circulation pumps to maintain water flow.

The current design is only 30% complete, allowing further suggestions and modifications.

Corpus Christi City Manager Peter Zanoni labeled the discussion “progress.” He mentioned a budget of $14 million, inclusive of $5 million from federal sources.

The first phase will feature roadside ditches, culverts, specific driveways, underground stormwater enhancements, and inlets. Additionally, a bridge will be constructed at Beach.

After the design is approved, the construction is expected to take 18 to 20 months.

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