How to Enrich Your Kids’ Fall Break: CCISD and Local Programs Offer Options


CCISD schools will remain shut until October 16th for the fall intercession.

Leanne Libby, the Chief Communications Officer for Corpus Christi ISD, encourages everyone to use this break for rejuvenation.

She also mentioned that select campuses will conduct tutoring and enrichment activities. Only students informed in advance are permitted on those campuses during the break.

Libby stated that the district diligently sends reminders to parents and guardians about upcoming breaks and incredibly unique holidays like the fall intercession starting on Monday, Oct. 9.

“The board typically approves our calendar in the Spring. Soon after, we distribute these calendars to parents before the subsequent school year begins. Our schools are responsible for relaying closures and excel at keeping families informed. At the district level, we bolster these efforts,” Libby explained.

She emphasized the district’s persistent efforts to inform parents as breaks and intercessions near.

“As the date approaches, we send a broad notification to all families with updated details in our records. Many schools might display notices on their marquees or place signs at their entrances,” she mentioned. “For major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also relay information about activities provided by community organizations and businesses.”

Audrey Dumes, the Childcare and Aquatics Director at the YMCA of the Coastal Bend, highlights that their Intersession Camp ensures parents that their children have a safe and interactive environment during the break.

“Parents can be assured that their children won’t be home alone. They can bring them to a secure location with our CPR-certified staff at the Y, keeping them actively engaged during the school break,” expressed Dumes.

The YMCA’s Intersession Camp, open to members and the broader community upon payment, accommodates children aged 4 to 12.

“They engage in various enjoyable activities throughout the day. Naturally, they love spending time in the gym and playing games under the guidance of my coaches. We organize camps all year round, including a camp during the Thanksgiving holiday and a two-week camp over Christmas,” shared Dumes.

Corpus Christi’s Parks and Recreation Department also offers a fall intercession camp.

La Retama Library, Neyland Public Library, and Garcia Public Library will host solar eclipse events suitable for children during the mediation.

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