Harbor Bridge Construction Update for North Beach Residents

North Beach, a community significantly affected by the construction of the new Harbor Bridge, recently received an important update on the project’s progress. This billion-dollar undertaking, a stone’s throw from their homes, has been a constant presence in their lives. A resident, Carrie Robertson, expressed how closely she witnessed the construction, which happened just a thousand feet from her doorstep. She and other residents were part of a recent briefing where they learned about the ongoing and future phases of the bridge’s development.

The update comes on the heels of significant progress, including reopening the Leopard Street Bridge, which closed for nearly two years. This winter, a notable change is expected on the south approach, located on the Corpus Christi side, where additional crews will begin work on the bridge section spanning over water.

Residents like Ron Graban have marvelled at the project’s advancement, likening it to a puzzle coming together. Their engagement with the project’s progress was facilitated by Lynn Allison, a spokesperson for Flatiron Dragados, who has been instrumental in keeping the community informed.

Allison revealed upcoming plans, including installing the third set of permanent stay cables on the north tower out of 19 groups. She also highlighted imminent traffic changes at the south interchange and initiatives to enhance safety and cleanliness on North Beach, such as additional signage and sweeping operations.

A major focus of the construction will now shift to the bridge’s mainstay section, the part arching over the water. With only ten of the 2651 segments left to install in Robstown, crews will soon transition to more intricate tasks like working on the pylon upper tower lifts and installing median slabs.

The new Harbor Bridge, expected to be completed by summer 2025, is set to replace the existing bridge, whose demolition is currently in the planning stages. Allison emphasized that the destruction would follow the new bridge’s opening, marking the start of phase two construction. This phase involves not just dismantling the old bridge but also the removal of connecting barriers, bridges, and ramps.

This update marks a significant milestone in a project that has been integral to North Beach residents’ lives. It brings a mix of anticipation for the new infrastructure and a reminder of the changing landscape in their community. As the project progresses, residents like Robertson and Graban watch with awe and eagerness, witnessing first-hand the transformation of their neighborhood and the region’s infrastructure.

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