Corpus Christi Fire Department Introduces New Leadership Team


On Friday, two seasoned fire officers advanced to leadership roles within the Corpus Christi Fire Department.

Fire Chief Brandon Wade shared that Asst. Chief Doug Matthijetz has been elevated to the position of Deputy Fire Chief, while Battalion Chief Billy Belyeu has been promoted to assistant. Fire Chief. Notably, with Belyeu’s new role, he marks a milestone by being the first African-American assistant—chief in the department’s history.

Wade mentioned that throughout their tenure with CCFD, both Matthijetz and Belyeu have contributed significantly to the department’s crucial sectors.

Matthijetz, with 33 years of experience in the department, recently headed the Support Services Division. Over the years, he has been responsible for pivotal functions like training, infrastructure, recruitment, employment, and risk oversight.

Belyeu, a 17-year stalwart of CCFD, formerly held positions as a battalion chief and the assistant director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He has pioneered numerous vital projects, such as the introduction of a telehealth communication system, revising EMS charges, and creating a benevolent care policy.

City officials voiced their endorsement of these promotions.

City manager Peter Zanoni remarked, “These adept, seasoned leaders will surely bolster our firefighting proficiency and enhance the overall security of our residents. This move further underscores our dedication to efficient fire service leadership and its functions.”

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