Beach Vault at Port Aransas

Beach Vault

Talented athletes from across the country converged on Roberts Point Park on Friday and Saturday for the 11th annual Port Aransas Beach Vault, a highly anticipated event featuring three pole vault pits.

A Family Affair

Greg West, owner and coach at West Athletics, expressed the event’s significance beyond the competition. “Whenever you get together like this with family and the kids, everybody is together it just makes it all that much better,” he said. The Port Aransas Beach Vault, initiated by West Athletics, has grown substantially yearly.

The Growing Popularity of Beach Vault

“Probably half of these people here have made this their summer vacation yearly,” West commented. With over 300 athletes competing, the event has become a summer tradition for many. The allure of the beach and the possibility of spotting dolphins add to the event’s charm. Nico Signorelli, a pole vaulter for Texas A&M University, emphasized the competitive spirit that makes braving the summer heat worthwhile. “Being able to come up a little bit early, enjoying the beach, hanging out with your friends, and you know, coming out having a great competition with excellent facilities, it just really can’t be topped,” he remarked.

Unique Competition Experience

The meet offers athletes a unique experience: running down the runway toward the ocean. Greyson Thompson, a sophomore from Bastrop, won his division by clearing 12 feet 6 inches. “I love that it’s just at the beach,” Thompson said. It’s nice, cool, and windy.” This distinctive setting creates a memorable experience for the participants.

Inspiring Performances

Gregory-Portland graduate and Kansas University signee Madi Snody has been a regular at the meet for many years. “Well, I know for the girls, a lot of the top girls in Texas and the nation are here, so it just pushes me to jump higher and be better,” Snody shared. The presence of top-tier athletes pushes competitors to excel and achieve personal bests.

Beach Vault Event Schedule

The final day of the Port Aransas Beach Vault was wrapped up on Saturday at Roberts Point Park, starting at 9 a.m. The highest vaulting girls took the stage at noon, and the elite boys competed at 3 p.m. This well-structured schedule ensured the event maintained high excitement and engagement for athletes and spectators.

The Port Aransas Beach Vault has become more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the unique charm of beachside pole vaulting. As the event continues to grow each year, it promises to remain a highlight of the summer for athletes and their families alike. The blend of fierce competition and a picturesque setting makes it an event that stands out in the sporting calendar.

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