Affordable Housing Initiatives

Affordable Housing

Overview of the New Affordable Developments

During a recent City Council meeting, Corpus Christi leaders approved the construction of four new affordable housing projects near the historic site of the former Lamar Elementary School. These developments mark a significant step toward revitalizing the neighborhood and providing housing solutions.

Historical Background and Project Genesis

Established in 1941, Lamar Elementary School served the community until its closure in 2010. The Ed Rachal Foundation bought the building in 2018, with initial plans to convert it into a Good Samaritan shelter by 2020. However, the school building was eventually demolished in 2021 after the foundation transferred ownership to the city. This move paved the way for the current housing projects.

Details of the Affordable Development Sites

The new housing initiatives will occur on previously vacant lots on Morris Street, 19th Street, and Mary Street. The city strategically chose these sites to complement the senior housing development initially planned for the former school grounds.

Councilmember’s Perspective

District 1 City Councilmember Everett Roy expressed enthusiasm about the developments, highlighting the community’s need for affordable living options. “Housing costs have just skyrocketed. Even what is considered affordable still costs some money. Having family-friendly environments will benefit the area and continue to grow it in desirable ways,” Roy stated.

Diverse Contributions from Developers

The city has engaged three non-profit developers—Habitat for Humanity Corpus Christi, Thanksgiving Homes, and Come Dream Come Build (CDCB)—and the for-profit developer DSW Homes. Each organization brings a unique approach to the project, ensuring that the new neighborhood will not be monotonous but rich in diversity.

Future Community Impact of Affordable Housing

The planned developments include a mix of single- and multi-family homes and affordable senior housing options. These projects are currently undergoing rezoning applications. Roy remarked on the significance of the varied contributions: “The good thing about this is that each organization is going to bring their little flare to that area so that it’s not going to be a cookie-cutter type neighborhood.”

Timeline and Anticipations

While officials have not yet determined the completion dates for these projects, the community remains hopeful. The developments are pending a crucial decision from the Texas Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding the allocation of Low-income Housing Tax Credits, expected in their July board meeting.

The approval of these housing projects represents a step in addressing affordability and livability in Corpus Christi. By transforming vacant lots into vibrant residential areas, the city hopes to foster a revitalized community atmosphere that supports growth and inclusivity.

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