Aransas Pass Locals Strongly Back New Fire Station and Police Department Upgrades

fire station

Aransas Pass officials expressed confidence in proceeding with plans for a new fire station and police station renovations after the completion of a resident survey. The annual survey inquired about various city services, including support for the mentioned projects. City Manager Gary Edwards stated that 80% of respondents supported the initiatives.

Edwards highlighted the cramped conditions at the fire station, describing the limited sleeping quarters as “crude.” He referenced the singular bedroom that many firefighters share. Fire Chief Nathan Kelley even compared the situation to being even tighter than a jail cell.

He pointed out, “It’s so confined that even as a jail cell for this number of individuals, it’d be too small.”

Kelley emphasized the fire station’s insufficient space for equipment and vehicles. He shared a preview of the potential new $10 million fire station that the city is considering. “Our aim is to modernize Aransas Pass, using the latest information and technology to ensure the safety and comfort of our firefighters,” he remarked.

Capt. Troy Poe from the Aransas Pass Police Department also spoke about space constraints in their department, expressing the need for a training room, a break area, dedicated locker rooms, and restrooms.

Officials shared plans to allocate the fire department’s space to the police department for its expansion once the former relocates. The city council is set to discuss the details of this proposal next month.

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