Sen. Ted Cruz Consults Coastal Bend Agri Leaders for New Farm Bill Input


With the most recent tally, Texas boasts the highest number of farms compared to all other states. This signifies that a substantial portion of the employment in the region relies on agriculture. This subject was the driving force behind the presence of two U.S. senators in Corpus Christi for a gathering on Tuesday.

Having been put into effect in December 2018, the farm bill has remained influential for five years and is set to conclude on September 30 of the current year. The meeting held on Tuesday convened both farmers and senators to discuss the necessary inclusions for the upcoming version.

The well-being of Americans relies on the success of farmers and ranchers, who play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, abundance, and affordability of our food. Many of these agriculturalists depend on the provisions outlined in the farm bill.

Senator John Boozman, who holds the position of Ranking Member on the Senate Agriculture Committee, joined forces with Senator Ted Cruz at Gulf Compress in Corpus Christi today. Their presence was to engage with agricultural leaders from the Coastal Bend area.

“We are putting in substantial effort to finalize this in the current year, ensuring that our farmers can have the assurance of a reliable program as they make financial plans and look ahead to the next five years,” Senator Boozman expressed.

Among the attendees was Jeff Nunley, the Executive Director of the South Texas Cotton & Grain Association. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in a genuine round-table conversation rather than being subjected to a mere political speech.

“I believe the meeting was highly productive. I value the senators’ willingness to come and truly listen. Often, when politicians visit, they focus more on delivering their message than hearing from us,” Nunley remarked.

As farmers and ranchers grapple with inflation, unprecedented heat, and diminishing water sources due to ongoing drought conditions, the significance of a practical and actionable Farm Bill becomes even more pronounced. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice in this context.

“Considering the distinct needs of rice, cotton, and citrus farmers in South Texas, these requirements greatly differ from those of corn farmers in Iowa or Nebraska or even cattle ranchers in West Texas,” U.S. Senator Ted Cruz noted. “Acknowledging these differences is crucial.”

Ultimately, the goal remains to equate these indispensable contributors with the necessary tools to ensure our farms’ and food supply’s security and sustainability.

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