Long Queues Form as Customers Await Their Final Boat ‘N Net Fix


Dubbed the ‘final feast’ by patrons, they sought to satisfy their craving for Boat ‘N Net before it vanished. Along Kostoryz Road, a seemingly endless procession of cars extended well into the night. A considerable number of individuals patiently waited, enduring over an hour’s delay, prompted by the viral news on social platforms declaring the end of an era for the establishment that had been a fixture for years.

Intent enthusiasts formed lines, demonstrating unwavering affection for the beloved dining spot, eager to relish their ultimate experience of a ‘number two’ order.

“It’s heavenly, that tartar sauce,” raved Alexandria Gonzalez, a loyal patron of Boat ‘N Net.

In the queue alongside her, Alex Gluth displayed unwavering determination to ensure punctuality.

“We queued for a good two hours and topped up the fuel tank just to guarantee we wouldn’t fall short,” Alex recounted.

Boat ‘N Net has stood as a quintessential destination for fried fish and shrimp enthusiasts, particularly during the Lenten season, amassing a devoted following spanning decades. Mars Celeste, hailing from North Texas, embarked on a considerable journey to savor the experience.

“We reside in Dallas now. My entire family adores Boat ‘N Net; we journey here exclusively for it despite the six-hour drive,” she exclaimed.

Famed for its budget-friendly offerings and innovative drive-thru method involving orders transmitted through a PVC pipe, Boat ‘N Net’s employees dutifully served the clientele even up to the final minutes. Although an official statement from the restaurant remained absent, it’s important to note that the health department clarified they hadn’t enforced closure.

The department acknowledged ongoing efforts by the establishment to address recent infractions. Surprisingly, inspectors were aware of the impending closure Thursday morning, expressing astonishment as the owners had invested resources to rectify the concerns. Anticipation lingers among staff and customers for a potential resurgence of the cherished eatery.

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