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Welcome to the

"Extra Ugly Podcast Page" section.

Before you go there. Here's how to tell what is what. All audio files are posted for a week. The date you see is the date they went up. Sometimes we get behind. They are named starting with the the first 3 letters which is the name of the show.

"EVW" is the Eriv Von Wade Show
"SM" is Sports Miscnduct
"Q60" is the Coors Light "Quick 60" Racing Show sponsored by S. Texas Speedway.
"DNA" is Dennis and Andy's Q&A Session.

The NEXT three letters is the day of the week. Mon - Monday Tue - Tuesday, etc..

The last 2 numbers are the hour of the show in military time. As an example, "EVWMon08.mp3" would be the 8 oclock hour of Eric Von Wade this past Monday.

Right Click and "save target as" or left click should just open your mp3 player.

When you have what you need, just close the page and you will return here.

Thanks for listening!

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