KRISTV News department,

Hey, folks,

Just wanted to drop you a line and ask you what is actually going on?  I’m Bill Doerner of Corpus Christi and along with two other individuals are the ownership of Sportsradio Corpus Christi, 1230 AM (KSIX) and 96.1 and 103.3 FM here in Corpus Christi. We have been a sports station since 2002.  KSIX has been a supporter of sports for decades.  In fact KSIX has been an Astros affiliate since they were the Colt 45’s.  We are hesitant to claim the title,  but both us and the Astros believe we are the longest continuous affiliate of any team in major league baseball.

We have run the Texans since their second year (After being chosen over a KEYS raid attempt last year) and have been a long time Houston Rockets station as well.  We have steadfastly moved to superserve our audience for the last 13 years by adding 2 FM frequencies as well as carrying Texas A&M Kingsville football, Corpus Christi Fury indoor football and 6 1/2 hours of local programming every day.  We used to be an ESPN affiliate but would not agree to having them programming our mornings, so therefore we changed our local offerings and said adios to ESPN.  We don’t make a living playing Britney Spears and spend the proceeds sitting around claiming we’re great like they do with KZFM.  We program live sports and fight hard to succeed.  In the past, Tyler Garrett was a regular guest on our station and we routinly have Alan Harwell as an announcer for Javelina football.  We regularly archive our local shows at Sportsradiocc.com and do 17 hours a week of local sports each week including the “Quick 60” racing show and Dennis and Andy’s Q&A session.

I’m writing you to ask for a little perspective.  1440 ran No Pro Baseball, No NFL Football, but did run UT Football via satellite and the Spurs. They are not on FM.

1230 runs The Astros, The Texans, The Javelinas and the Rockets.  Did I mention we also do Monday Night, Thursday Night and Sunday Night football as well as select additional NFL games on Sundays.  We also do live select college games as well as full coverage for days on end of the
NCAA Basketball tournament in March.We’ve never tried to slobber to you folks to get exposure from you on your air, and while we are always willing to look at parnerships, we have never asked for anything from you, nor do we want anything now.  However if you could find your way clear to not basically run a commercial for
the station which has the worst arbitron ratings available to the public for days in a row it
would be nice. We (Along with KKTX and others) work hard every day to provide coverage of virtually every major sports event as well as talk about it.  All KEYS has done is fail in that mission and run a loop of how they are off the air.   Is that really news?

Bill Doerner
Managing Partner Sportsradiocc, LLC
Licensee of
1230 KSIX
96.1 K241AT

A word from Station Management

So if you wander around the radio dial looking for good sports talk, shame on you.  We proudly bring you the best quality programming every day here on Sportsradio Corpus Christi and don’t want you to ever leave.  However from time to time people check out what is out there and we understand. You probably know there recently was an ESPN radio affiliate up the dial on 1440.  Emphasis on the was.  Apparently they have decided there are greener pastures if they were the second political station in town.  Now in fairness, it appears they had their ESPN affiliation yanked by the Mother Ship. In fact, we had received notification they would try and do Fox Sports.  We’ve always loved the water temperature in the sports talk pool and have always extended a warm welcome to anyone who wants to come in. A couple have tried, but so far there’s only one left standing.  No one can ever foretell the future, but we’ve seen competitors come and go and we really try not to become just the flavor of the month.  KSIX started with sports in 2002 when we got ESPN (Which was actually pretty decent at the time).  During the day we had Dan Patrick, Tony Kornheiser, Jim Rome and Astros baseball. We did Islander basketball and The Spurs.  Over the years we have pretty much retained our flavor.  Rome is on a different network, Dan Patrick is on a different network but we found a way to keep them on. The Texans came online and we returned to the Rockets. And then there were the Aviators.  In that time, our neighbors down the dial have retooled their news format several times as well as tried ESPN and now whatever.  We are relatively certain there will be someone else trying ESPN Radio in the future here in Corpus Christi. History tells us “That dog won’t hunt”.  Good luck to them.  Meanwhile the Astros are heading to the playoffs, The Rockets were IN the playoffs, and the Texans are looking at another great year.
We’ve got ’em all. Thanks for you support and be sure and support our advertisers.  They make it all possible.

AM Reception Issues

As you may know we share a tower site with another station.  We are at highly reduced power on AM because of a fault in the combining system.  Our co-tennant is also operating  with about 10 watts of power as well. We hope to be able to resolve the issue to get both stations back at full power by Friday night.  103.3 FM and 96.1 FM are not affected and are at full power.