Better Late Than Never Super Bowl Wrap

Yes, I know that the Super Bowl is ancient history, but I have been crazy busy, plus I ran head on into the flu for about six days. But, before my thoughts of the Super Bowl are cut to make some more brain cap space I will put them down here.

Prior to the Super Bowl, I spent two great weeks basking in the glory of successfully predicting the two Super Bowl teams back in August. Then the Friday before SB, I predicted the Falcons to win. At that point it just felt like their year. For most of the game I looked like a genius. Then one astounding, amazing comeback later and I was wrong.

So, based on the returns from SBLI I can now make the following predictions:
Greatest NFL Coach of All Time: Bill Belichick
Greatest QB of All Time: Tom Brady
Greatest NFL Franchise of all time: trending Pats, but still too close to call

It is obvious that Freeman’s blown block, and Matthew’s hold cost the Falcons the game. The other thing those two plays did was make Julio Jones’ fantastic sideline catch irrelevant and soon to be forgotten.

The Pats always seem to have a player or players that you weren’t expecting to be key contributors, step up and be a key element in their victories in big games. This time it had to be Malcolm Mitchell, James White and Danny Amendola. Mitchell was the teams’ fifth leading receiver for the season, yet he made key receptions that extended drives throughout the comeback. James White ran for 166 yards total for the season, but he was the man carrying [and catching] the ball when the game was on the line. I have always been a Danny Amendola fan going back to his college days. This season, he hardly ever saw the field during the Pats games I watched [23 catches for the season]. Yet, he was the go to guy with the game on the line. Will be interesting what their roles will be with the team in 2017.

The Falcons are denying their Defensive Coordinator-Richard Smith, and D-Line Coach-Bryan Cox were fired right after the game as scapegoats for the loss. Saying that this was in the works for some time. There is no way you fire your DC and D-Line Coach right after a SB win. I thought the defense and in particular the defensive line played beyond what anyone would have expected in the first half to the game. They brought strong, consistent pressure on Brady, causing the Pats to be unable to sustain any offense. Evidently, Smith and Cox must have gotten stupid at half time, and lost the ability to coach. It was much more the case of lack of quality depth on the Falcons defense, primarily on the d-line that cost the Falcons. The d-line was rushing the QB on 60 plays, and the linebackers were either rushing or dropping, sometimes deep, into pass coverage. I think the defense wore down, I think everyone knew that at some point Brady and his receivers would get a rhythm going and the
Falcons would have to hold on [not you Jake Matthews], and hope they had scored enough to win.

More to come soon. Want to do some beer reviews as soon as my allergies clear up. You have to taste beer with your eyes, nose and tongue. Right now the nose is not ready.

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