Food Poisoning

He always made fun of himself so you didn’t have to.  “Some guys smoke, some guys drink, some guys chase women.  I’m a big barbecue-sauce guy,” he once said.  He was tall, mostly bald, loved white sweaters, hated ties, and was funny beyond words; the things he said, it was like he had swallowed Don Rickles.  He could pass forJohnPinette in sneakers or Louie Anderson with a whistle around his neck.  People did make fun of him for not being in shape; he thought round was a shape.  He also thought pancake syrup was a beverage and candy corn a vegetable.  He was a big, heavy-set guy; when he got his shoes shined, he had to take the guy’s word for it.  He was once asked, “How do you plan to stop the Kentucky Wildcats?” in a 1996 NCAA Basketball Tournament match-up.  “Food poisoning!” answered Utah Head Basketball Coach, Rick Majerus.  When asked about the difference in talent between his team andKentucky, he responded, “They have all those McDonald’s Basketball All-Americans.  We have four guys on our team who don’t even have a McDonald’s in their hometown.”  Rick Majerus was a riot and a fine basketball coach.




Andy Purvis

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