AM Reception Issues

As you may know we share a tower site with another station.  We are at highly reduced power on AM because of a fault in the combining system.  Our co-tennant is also operating  with about 10 watts of power as well. We hope to be able to resolve the issue to get both stations back at full power by Friday night.  103.3 FM and 96.1 FM are not affected and are at full power.

Crown Royal

In 1964, former Brooklyn Dodger, “Duke” Snider asked the Mets to be traded. They obliged by sending him to the dreaded San Francisco Giants, a team Duke had spent his career trying to beat. When he looked in the mirror with the Giants jersey on, then it hit him. What a sight, “The Duke of Flatbush” wearing a despised Giants uniform. Snider had to wear #28 because the Giants #4, worn by Mel Ott, had been retired years earlier. That year, Duke appeared in more games as a pinch-hitter than he did as a starter. During that 1964 season, in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Giants’ Manager Alvin Dark gave Duke $100 to take Dodgers’ pitcher Don Drysdale out to dinner the night before he was to pitch against the Giants. “Take the big donkey out, on me, and get him good and drunk,” said Dark. “We had dinner and lots of Crown Royal,” said Duke. The next day, Drysdale proceeded to pitch the game of his life as Duke, hung over from the night before, sat watching from the bench. By the eighth inning, Skipper Dark was not happy and wondered if Duke had actually executed his plan. Out of anger, Dark told Duke to pinch-hit in the ninth inning against Drysdale. Don Drysdale struck Snider out on three pitches. Duke sent a note for Drysdale to the Dodgers’ clubhouse after the game. It said, “Dear Donnie, don’t know what the last pitch was when it went by, but it smelled like Crown Royal. Love, Dookie.”

Andy Purvis

Bed Check

This funny story was told by Green Bay Packer’s offensive guard Jerry Kramer. It seemed that his teammates, Paul Hornung and Max McGee, made a habit out of skipping bed check during training camp. One day, as practice was about to end and to their surprise, Head Coach Vince Lombardi announced that these two would be fined $500 each, for missing curfew the night before. Max and Paul had no idea how Lombardi had found out and proceeded to slip out again the next night. As fate would have it, at the end of that day’s practice, Lombardi increased their fine to $1,000 each for missing curfew a second night. With that announcement, Lombardi turned and looked directly at Max and Paul and said, “Gentlemen, the next time you miss curfew you will be fined $1,500 each; and if you two can find anything in Green Bay, Wisconsin, worth $1,500, call me and I will go with you.” That brought the house down with laughter.

Andy Purvis