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The South Texas Sports Station!

The idea of Sportsradio Corpus Christi was launched in September of 2002 due to the sale of Channel 10 from Colonel Kennedy to Eagle Creek (Who also got the radio station KSIX) At the time the radio station was aquired by Jim Withers of Pacific Broadcasting who ran KSIX as a sister station of Pacific Broadcast's properties (At the time 102.3 - KBTE, 104.5 KPUS KTKY 106.1 and 107.3 KCCG) A format of sports talk was conceived, and after taking over a production studio and a broom closet, the Original ESPN 1230 was launched. Around the same time KTKY (FM 106.1) was closed down, pending it's move to Taft, therefore we had a Switcher system and a room so we were good to go. The network of choice at the time was ESPN, as Fox Sports was barely on the air. Original programming was a one hour live show at 5:00 PM hosted by Icerays announcer Dan Weiss. Dan later went on to be the voice of the San Antonio Rampage. Being a producer from Boston, Dan was a fan of controversy. He often took inflammatory positions just to fire up the caller base. One particular afternoon he proclaimed "The Cowboys are a lousy team, Jerry Jones is a lousy owner and if you like them you are lousy fans. If you've got something to say about that, Call me." His show was quite popular with a large number of callers. This was the opening year of the Houston Texans. Despite numerous contacts, the Texans had signed KNCN as their Corpus Christi affiliate and were committed to staying with them.  KSIX already had Westwood One NFL football and promptly added the Spurs.  The Cowboys were on 1440 (Then a news talk station) and KSIX had the Astros. When the sports started KSIX had a control room and after converting a broom closet, an air position. In order to cue talent, we would point to them through the window, like we do today. However our control room had a window into a production studio which later got a window (originally just a hole) into the closet. In the early days it was not uncommon to give a visual cue through a studio where someone from "The Planet" was recording an airshift. Eventually Pacific FM's were sold and KSIX had to find a new home. A search found us moving uptown to Park Tower and eventually to a beautiful office overlooking the Harbor Bridge where we are today. Obviously along the way , the Texans joined up as well as the Aviators, Hammerheads, Islanders and Fury. Along the way, KOPY and KEYS have tried to do what we do, but you've got to be a little nuts to try and do this format in a market of this size. We're a LOT nuts! In fact "Sports" is in our ownership name. We're Sportsradio CC, LLC and we're proud to be who we are. Much more than a satellite dish on the radio.